HQ TSZ (The Support Zone) works closely with businesses, all members of the same group, that provide support; locally, nationally and internationally, to micro businesses up to SMEs and Major Corporations. As well as Event Management for external clients, our work is more focused on supporting the sales function of businesses and providing great value for money, effective and accurate. Our services compliment each other and our specialists work hard to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our Experience

HQ TSZ was created as a result of years of administrative duties carried out by our team on behalf of various manufacturers and contractors, working alongside sales departments, finance, back office staff, design teams and architects from all across the UK and several international locations.

Our experienced staff are trained the way you work and act like your team, even though they do not share the same office.

We keep operating and administrative costs low by using the latest technologies, tried and tested processes and economies of scale.

business man and woman looking on laptop

Bringing Together Expertise

Interim & Part Time Exec Directors and Non Exec Directors.

Our partner businesses are supported by hundreds of directors and consultants who are specialists in the delivery of key business support services. HQ TSZ specialise more in the sales side of business.

Together, we are able to provide top class expertise, plus directors all have access to resources via managed services to help support any type of business. Where we can, we create and implement plans in the quickest and easiest way possible for long term benefit and strategy.


HQ TSZ brings together the following businesses.

HQ Hubs

HQ Hubs provide the space for business support hubs targeted towards start-ups and SMEs.


Itegrate can provide a range of consultancy and services to support UK SME businesses.


The Support Zone

The Support Zone (TSZ) is our online portal we use with larger clients, it makes it easy for them to keep track all their ongoing work across multiple departments.


Techs 4 Tech

Quick and reliable IT services for small business.


The DM Hub

Inspired Digital Marketing Solutions For SMEs and Startups.


Admin Hotline

Admin Support for SMEs.



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